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About Us

KLTELECOM LTD., founded in Taiwan and Malaysia in 2004. Develop and maintain IP telephone systems and services to enterprise, provide low cost and high quality voice service. Our staff of telecommunications engineers are experienced and well trained in managing all the necessary telecom hardware to ensure the necessary Quality of Service Levels.

KLTELECOM has grown successfully since the beginning and has adapted to the various changes in the telecommunications industry infrastructure. We are highly motivated, profitable, and dedicated in maintaining the level of growth we have achieved over the last 10 years by actively seeking new opportunities and creative solutions in partnering with various telecommunications service providers.

With over 10 years of industry experience, we have expanded our Telecommunications Business options and availabilities. Our Commitment to every one of our customers is what makes KLTELECOM a leader in the IP telephony industry. By providing professional service and quality support, KLTELECOM is positioned to offer VOIP services that is unsurpassed.